Make room for coco

Toiture synthétique tropicale Palmita crème, imitant la toiture en feuilles de palme - Boutique Palmex

Palmita coco color

The easy-to-install tropical roof, Palmita, is now available in the color coco. Synthetic palm leaves with an original look.

A stunning look

Coconut color corresponds to a white in a so-called "broken" shade, that is, a white with a warm hue. This roofing color will be sure to draw all the attention in your decor.

Pergola extérieure avec toiture tropicale en palme synthétique blanc - Boutique Palmex

Unparalleled quality

Palmita roof, made in Canada, is made of HDPE and requires no maintenance. Wih impeccable quality, it is durable for a period of 20 years, in addition to being guaranteed for 10 years!

Toiture en palme synthétique blanche tropicale - Boutique Palmex

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