Asian Reed Umbrella, 7 ft - Demo

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Made in Canada

Enhance your outdoor décor with Asian Reed umbrella, 7 feet (2.1 meters) in diameter. The synthetic leaves replicate the traditional Asian reed, taking you on a journey to the comfort of your home with the exotic look. Sold as is, this umbrella has already been assembled at the Palmex warehouse to serve as a demonstrator. 

The leaves are made of PVC. They are durable and require no maintenance.

Color: Natural
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No delivery for umbrellas. Following the order, Boutique Palmex will contact you to arrange for pick-up at the Palmex warehouse, located in Saint-Sauveur (QC, Canada).

*Umbrellas are available now. Pick-up will be available Monday through Friday.


The umbrella is already assembled. To ensure its stability in the desired location, you can screw the base or dig the base into the ground. If you decide to just put the base down, you can solidify it with concrete blocks or sandbags.


Umbrellas do not require any maintenance. You can remove snow occasionally, if needed.

Demonstrator includes: metal base, pole (metal), bracket, leaves (PVC), top.

Diameter: 7 feet
Height: 8.5 feet

Exchange and refund: Demonstrators, sold as is, are not exchangeable or refundable from the time they were picked up.

Warranty: The demonstrators, sold as is, are not guaranteed.

  • Produits fabriqués au Canada et/ou entreprise canadienne - Boutique Palmex

    Made in Canada

  • Produit avec une installation facile - Boutique Palmex

    Already assembled

  • Produit résistant aux intempéries et aux différentes conditions météorologiques - Boutique Palmex