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20-year lifespan
The Kuta exotic roof is easy to install on a closed roof for your DIY projects. Its natural colored leaves will add a tropical touch to the decor as it is a perfect reminder of the roof made of natural palm leaves. Made of HDPE, the roof is resistant and requires no maintenance. Sold in a pack of 36 leaves, covering an area of ​​21.53 square feet (2 square meters).

This smaller version is perfect for a smaller project or even to pair with the larger format and thus avoid losses.
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Each package contains 36 leaves, for a 21.53 square feet (2 square meters) coverage.

Individual leaf: 23.62 in length x 11.02 in width (60 cm length x 28 cm width)

The roof is an easy-to-install product, in only 3 steps, on an existing roof structure. You will find below the 3 main steps. To download the complete guide, click here. For any questions regarding the installation, you can contact us and it will be our pleasure to guide you and answer your questions.

For installation, you will need: tape measure, utility knife, hammer, nails.

We also recommend installing a waterproofing membrane on your roof before installing the roofing solution.

*No maintenance required. In summer and winter, maintenance is not a concern. Also, it is not necessary to remove snow from the roof in the winter unless your initial structure requires it.

Shipping: Free shipping on all orders. All orders are delivered within 2 to 9 business days.

Exchange and refund: The product can be exchanged and refunded within 30 days of receipt. To make a request, click here. *Some conditions apply

  • Produits fabriqués au Canada et/ou entreprise canadienne - Boutique Palmex

    Canadian company

  • Produit avec une installation facile - Boutique Palmex


  • Produit résistant aux intempéries et aux différentes conditions météorologiques - Boutique Palmex


  • Avantage des produits - Garantie et durabilité - Boutique Palmex

    20-year lifespan

3 steps installation

DIY installation is quick and easy, in only 3 steps

  • Schéma d'installation de toiture synthétique, étape #1 - Boutique Palmex

    1. Start the installation

    Place the first row of leaves starting in the lower left corner, 20 cm from the bottom edge of the roof. Fasten the leaves side-by-side, without overlap, using 3 nails spaced at equal distances.

  • Schéma d'installation de toiture synthétique, étape #2 - Boutique Palmex

    2. Continue the rows

    For each even row, cut one leaf in half (top to bottom) with a utility knife and use this leaf to start the row. Place the leaves 20 cm above the previous row.

  • Schéma d'installation de toiture synthétique, étape #3 - Boutique Palmex

    3. Finalize the installation

    For a linear roof, fold the leaves of the last row at least 12 cm to the other side of the roof and nail them there. Do this for each side of the roof.

    For a pointed roof, cut leaves in half and attach the leaf halves to the edge every 20 cm from the bottom to the top of the roof.

How many sets do you need?

Depending on the type of project

  • Structure en bois d'une pergola avec une toiture en feuilles de palmier synthétiques - Boutique Palmex


    For a standard size 10' x 10' gazebo, 8 sets will be needed to cover the area.

    8 sets

  • Cabanon avec une toiture 4 pans en feuilles de palmier synthétiques - Boutique Palmex


    To cover the roof of an 8' x 12' shed, 8 sets will be required.

    8 sets

  • Parasol en bois de type palapa en feuilles de palmier synthétiques - Boutique Palmex


    To cover the roof of an 8-foot diameter umbrella, you will need 3 sets.

    3 sets

  • Structure de tiki bar en bois avec toiture 2 pans en chaume artificielle - Boutique Palmex

    Tiki bar - Linear roof

    For a linear roof of a 6' x 4' tiki bar structure, 2 sets will be required.

    2 sets

  • Abris à barbecue en bois avec un toit en feuilles de palmier synthétiques - Boutique Palmex

    BBQ Shelter

    For a shelter for a 10' x 5' outdoor BBQ area or kitchenette, it will take 4 sets to cover the roof.

    4 sets


What type of membrane is recommended for waterproofing?

Roof is not certified waterproof. However, to enjoy waterproofing with the roof, we recommend installing a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane first. Visit a hardware store for proper advice.

Is the roof resistant to different weather conditions?

The roof is resistant to heat, snow and wind.

We do not guarantee the waterproofing of the roof, as it results from the installation made. However, the addition of a waterproofing membrane will ensure that the roof is waterproof.

Does the color change over time?

The color will be slowly altered over time by the sun's rays. This fading will not affect the quality of the product.

Do you ship internationally?

For the moment, we ship exclusively to Canada and United States. For special shipping requests, please contact us directly or contact one of our distributors present in your area.

What are the delivery times?

Orders are normally delivered within 2 to 3 business days in Quebec and Ontario. For United States and other regions in Canada, delivery times can be up to 9 business days.

We process orders on the first business day following the order date.

How can I track my order?

When your order is processed, you will receive an order confirmation email. A second email will be sent to you when your package has been shipped, containing your tracking number.